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День рождения Галины Андреевны Белой (1931.10.19 - 2004.08.11).

Доктор филологических наук (1976), профессор (1981), Директор института филологии и истории РГГУ, завкафедрой истории русской литературы ИФФ РГГУ.
Специалист по истории и теории русской литературы, критике и журналистике советского периода. Занималась исследованием исторических изменений в русской культурной парадигме ХХ в. в проекции на литературный процесс.
В РГГУ с 1991 г. Читала курсы лекций "История русской литературы ХХ в.", "История русской литературы ХХ в. (1917-1991)", спецкурс "Эстетические идеи русской культуры".
членом Ученого совета РГГУ,
председателем совета ИФФ,
председателем диссертационного совета РГГУ - К.064.49.04,
членом редколлегий журналов "Вопросы литературы", "Новое литературное обозрение", "Общественные науки и современность",
действительным членом Международной академии информатизации (1994),
членом Исполнительного комитета фонда Сороса, комитета по Букеровским премиям.
Принимала участие в разработке международной программы "Глоссарий по социалистическому реализму" (Россия - Германия - США), "Писатель и власть" (Россия - Германия), неоднократно читала лекции за рубежом: в США, Германии, Франции, Англии.
Награждена медалью "В память 850-летия Москвы".
Автор 250 работ.


Мой несостоявшийся (потому что ей интересна была литература 1920-х годов, а я упиралась и хотела заниматься Стругацкими) научный руководитель (правда, она же меня и пристроила к "окончательному научруку"). И просто хороший человек. Жаль, что в те годы, когда мы с ней общались, я не могла оценить ее глубины и душевных качеств. Впрочем, так всегда.
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 I haven't posted to this community in forever, and since forever I've been working on my own comics and such, which I wanna share here.

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Oh hey, Jennifer Walters popped up again in Mighty Thor... and like everything else recently, was treated like crap.

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If you saw the first season of Riverdale, you may recall its version of Dilton Doiley isn't the genial, well-liked genius of the comics, but a somewhat disturbed survivalist. This month's issue of the show's tie-in comic takes a closer look at him. Warning for child abuse.

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Wednesday says Happy Diwali

Oct. 18th, 2017 05:21 pm
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What I read

Ingested two David Wishart Corvinus mysteries, Trade Secrets (2016) and Foreign Bodies (2016) - Severn House having finally decided, it seems, to come down at some point to a price for their ebooks that is more or less comparable with mass market paperbacks rather than hardcover. These were pretty much the mixture as usual - combination of what seems to me pretty solid knowledge of what Rome and its Empire was like at the period, with upper-crust Roman sleuth cracking wise and somewhat anachronistic as the bodies pile up. There is probably a rule with extended series like this that if you haven't given up somewhere along the line, you will as a matter of habit pick up succeeding episodes as they come along.

Tremontaine Series 3, Episode 1. Interested to see where this is going to go.

Discovered by entire chance that there is an ebook of short stories about Rosemary Edghill's Bast, Failure of Moonlight: The Collected Bast Shorter Works (2012), which I had not known about and gulped down. This led me to a binge re-read of the 3 Bast mysteries - set in the world of contemporary Wicca/Paganism of the 1990s - :Speak Daggers to Her (1995), Book of Moons (1995) and The Bowl of Night (1996). I thought these held up pretty well, though possibly more for their evocation of a particular time, place and subculture, and Bast's own moral ambivalence, than for the mystery plots. In an essay appended to the shorter works she wonders if these will be what she is remembered for, eventually: she's written quite a lot in various genres under various names. I see that when I reread the space-opera trilogy Butterfly and Hellflower, written as eluki bes shahar, I felt it had rather lost its shiny. There were also, I think, some rather generic fantasy works and collaborations with Mercedes Lackey which have pretty much faded from memory, and I'm not sure I ever read any of her romances.

On the go

Only Sexual Forensics which got a bit back-burnered lately.

Up Next

The next episode of Tremontaine Season 3. Maybe Ruthanne Emrys, Winter Tide, which I have heard good things about, and is at present very briefly a giveaway from Tor. Also, have received some more v srs books from An Academic Publisher for reviewing a proposal (when offered this, I specifically look for books which are hideously expensive destined for university library editions that I would not buy for myself).

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In yesterday's post, we met Sakura, and we saw her getting in trouble by kidnapping an enslaved serving girl in order to set her free.

Part II is the conclusion to her first adventure.

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Sakura is slated to return, according to Stan Sakai, but I've seen no indication of her comeback so far.

Edit: this story is available on Book 25: Fox Hunt and the Usagi Yojimbo Saga vol. 6.

Comments, opinions, requests, all in the little boxes below :)

Galactus Gags

Oct. 17th, 2017 06:57 pm
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"Ryan explained to me, he wanted it to be done in our style. He likened and wrote Galactus as Garfield and Norin Radd as Jon. That determined what they were going to look like. When you look at the Silver Surfer, he’s 75 percent of the way there anyway with Jon, all we had to do is give him the big eyes. That was a natural. John kind of hangs around Garfield anyway, he’s the straight man to Garfield’s gags and has to get him food. He’s like Garfield’s herald. Galactus was tougher. We were throwing stuff back and forth, and the initial sketches just weren’t working for Galactus. I said okay, we gotta make him fat. The guy eats planets, for god’s sake! Once we do that, it’s a little less Galactus but certainly a lot more Garfield. It looked more natural. Obviously, Galactus has put on a few mega-tons for this strip." -- Jim Davis

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В эту среду...

Oct. 18th, 2017 01:31 am
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...продолжаем тему кислицы (как мне рассказали - теперь я знаю больше, спасибо!) и капелек.

Beware #6: The Thing from Beyond

Oct. 17th, 2017 04:54 pm
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"At least my face can't turn out like the Joker's, or a giant red light bulb as in that Richie Rich comic...right?"

Okay, time to bring out the heavy stuff here. This tale of revenge upon revenge is so ridiculously, over-the-top grotesque and brutal it makes EC's "Foul Play" look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar by comparison. Warning for violence/gore.

'There! There! There! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!' )


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